Grip Truck

Affectionately named “Stacey’s Mom” after we retired our smaller truck (nicknamed Stacey), this bigger and better equipped version of the original can be thought of as an insurance policy for your production and comes jam packed with all of the necessary equipment to conquer a vast number of location based filming obstacles. Our truck was hand crafted from the ground up with the specific needs of location based filming in mind and includes several features usually only found on larger trucks. The end result is one of the best equipped grip trucks of its size in the Louisville area that adds unquestionable value to your both your production, and your budget.

Our little grip truck has ventured out on everything from commercials to feature films and reality TV shows. We love to travel and since Louisville, KY is conveniently located less than a day away from over thirty major U.S. cities that’s a very good thing for your next production, wherever it may be!

Please note: All of our vehicles must be driven by a licensed agent of our company. All of our agents are working television and film professionals and would be happy to assist you on your next shoot!

Questions about our grip truck? We would love to answer them! Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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We are constantly adding new gear and have connections with several vendors in our area so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for