Konova K5 Camera Slider Now Available!

camera sliderPremiering last year at NAB, this camera slider is an amazing (and beautiful) piece of engineering! We finally got our hands on the complete K5 package and it is now available for rental right here in Louisville! Blowing other camera sliders in its class out of the water, our Konova K5 has a 39″ reach and comes with all terrain articulating legs, manual hand crank, pan/tilt fluid head and an available fully programmable smart motion control “brain box” with an AC motor, allowing for accurate, repeatable and reliable camera movement not to mention the insane time-lapse capabilities! (intervalometer for Canon 7D & 5DMKII&III built in! Other cameras can connect with adapter cable!). This slider is designed to support some serious load and can effectively be used as a substitute or replacement for short dolly, jib or ped movements. It easily supports any HDSLR camera system right on up to a fully equipped RED Epic. Contact us today to get more information and pricing on our K5!